Pagina 14 - 4x4 Catalogue

YNATEC Plastic-hurry
Part-Nr.: 10-118530, 30 m x 9 mm
Part-Nr.: 10-118538, 38 m x 9 mm
Part-Nr.: 10-118550, 50 m x 9 mm
The advantages overview:
almost no “whip effect” if it tears
less risk of injury, with no individual
wires to break
high breaking load of 9 t
high corrosion protection
substantially more flexible
floats in the water
easier to throw
much lighter than steel cable, able to
roll up to 17,5 kg
lu Hawse Fairlead
Part-Nr.: 10-7609
Part-Nr.: 10-28626
The use of plastic hurries, even
though they provide a high level of
heat resistance, contribute to the high
temperatures in the drum.
From these tests the DYNATEC 2-
component rope 38 m x 9 mm was
developed, the first 5,5 m of which
consists of a high temperature-stable
fibre, which is unfortunately also very
expensive. The remaining metres consist
of a highly flexible and friction resistant
fibre making it a good, useable cable
for modern winches. The WARN M8274
rope winch also comes with a 50 m long
component rope, 9 mm in diameter.
This is necessary because this model
does not have a brake in the drum.
Even the 2-component rope had a
common and dangerous weakness
shared with others: when using the
rope on hoists with a brake, and all
commercial rope hoists are used in this
way – when integrated in the drum they
could not withstand a thermal load of
over 135°. The 1 component rope, when
tested, began to rapidly degrade at
°C. A steel cable is substantially
better at withstanding high temperatures.
The clevis O-shackle provides a means for
connection of the looped ends of cables,
straps and snatch blocks. The shackles pin
is threaded to allow easy removal.
Part-Nr.: 10-330063,
O-shackles 2 t, Breaking strength 8 t.
Part-Nr.: 10-330073,
O-shackles 3,25 t, Breaking strength 13 t.
Part-Nr.: 10-330083,
O-shackles 4,75 t, Breaking strength 19 t.
High Tension Aircraft Steel Wire Rope
mm x 28,5m
Part-Nr.: 7329100,5
Recovery Gear