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RB Storage System
ARB is thrilled to launch the Outback Solutions Modular Roller
Drawer Systems range, providing four wheel drivers with an
extremely versatile selection of products to suit a wide variety of
uses. Exclusively to ARB, the Outback Solutions Modular Roller
Drawer System provides new configuration and application options
over traditional roller drawer systems.
The range consists of eleven modules across three styles. Modules
can be mounted in various combinations, including individually,
side by side and vertical. This system also provides flexibility to
change, rearrange or add modules and accessories over time.
A growing range of accessories allow the system to be tailored
to specific needs. As well as suiting most traditional applications,
Outback Solutions modules can also be fitted to non traditional
applications such as tray backs, trailers, buses, sheds and more.
Commonality of part numbers will maximise stock turnover and
minimise outlay.
The building blocks of the Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer
System are the eleven modules. These are made up of three styles,
Drawer, Drawer with Roller Floor and Roller Floor. The three styles
are available in lengths of 1355mm, 1045mm and 945mm with
two additional drawer modules at 845mm and 745mm long. Roller
drawers are rated to carry 100 kg spread evenly throughout the
drawer and Roller Floors are rated to carry 75 kg spread evenly
over the top.
Outback Solutions modules can be installed into any application
providing sufficient space and anchorage is present. Unlike other
roller drawer systems you are not limited to traditional roller drawer
applications. Canopied / covered tray backs, pickups, canopied
or covered trailers, wagons, vans, trucks, buses and sheds are just
a few of the application you might consider. Side floor kits are
available for popular vehicles; however they are not mandatory
fitment in any application.
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